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Climate injustice threatens all individuals on Earth, posing an elevated risk toward under-resourced women. We believe that, through making information about climate change and its deleterious effects widespread and accessible, we can inspire women to be informed agents of systemic environmental change. As of now, women only make up about 25% of the renewable energy workforce and just 35% of the national delegation at the time of the Paris Agreement’s finalization. By investing in a greener curriculum geared toward empowering women with information, we can craft effective responses to the ongoing climate crisis.

Find out more about how female leaders are laying the foundations for climate justice below.

Women are underrepresented in climate negotiations and greener employment


Jessica Cook, & Leah Moss. “Inclusive Quality Education: The Key to Climate and Gender Justice.” Plan International, 9 Dec 2020,

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We are in a climate emergency, and impactful climate communication is more critical than ever before. We need every great story about the climate to reach its full creative potential, both representing and connecting with diverse audiences. This begins by challenging ourselves to move past the mono culture of past climate narratives and to identify and amplify a biodiversity of stories as diverse as the ecosystem we seek to save.

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