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Safe and reliable healthcare is a basic human right. Women worldwide are still routinely denied access to their fundamental necessities, despite leading the force of frontline medical work as 70% of healthcare workers. Encompassing more than just inclusive medical care, CWL’s female voices are also dedicated to safeguarding female reproductive rights, providing comprehensive mental health resources, and ensuring protection against gender-based violence. Moreover, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the call to support women through immunization and treatment rollouts is louder than ever before.

Find out more about how our female leaders are imagining the future of the global public health landscape.


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The Skoll Foundation: Health Resources

Lack of access to quality health care, especially in developing countries, is a fundamental source of many of society’s ills, resulting in millions of preventable deaths every year. To solve this problem, innovations must be supported that enable access to and use of reliable, affordable, and appropriate health care that leads to improved health outcomes in disadvantaged populations.

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Meaningful transformation can only be created when we work together. There’s room for everyone within CWL’s charge for change – as both members and allies to our mission. Find out how you fit within Connected Women Leaders’ goals.

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