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With an estimated 250+ years until the world reaches economic gender parity, gender pay gaps have proven some of the toughest divides to close. According to the World Economic Forum, progress towards gender parity in pay has stalled and even regressed in some places. Pay gaps are difficult to close (and keep closed) because they are the manifestation of larger systems of bias and inequality. Despite the challenges, permanently closing gender pay gaps will benefit women, bolster business performance and strengthen the global economy.

Gender pay gaps widen along the lines of race—with Black women in the US making 38% less than white men and 21% less than white women. Women—particularly women of color—are overrepresented in low-paying, insecure jobs with little to no benefits. Despite these numbers, gender pay gap discussions are rarely intersectional, preventing meaningful progress toward pay equality for all people.

In order to permanently close gender pay gaps we need meaningful commitment from government and business, as well as solutions that seek to tackle the root causes. In light of the first International Equal Pay Day, The B Team joined forces with the Center for Global DevelopmentOpen Data Charter and Open Government Partnership to publish a policy paper outlining the critical solutions businesses and governments should champion to advance pay equality. The full paper can be found here with highlights below.

Click the link below to access full article:

Closing Gender Pay Gaps: 12 Solutions for Pay Equality

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