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“I want to go to school and continue my education like all my friends.”

Sixteen-year-old Asmaa knows by heart why she deserves an education – and what to say if her family disagrees. “If you send me to school, I promise I will be a good student,” she says. “You’ll never have to nag me to study and I’ll study hard and do my best.”

Asmaa is part of a girls’ club run by Plan International in the slum community of Khairallah in Cairo, Egypt.



Asmaa, 16, meets weekly with other girls to discuss the importance of education and learn about gender equality.

Today the girls, who meet weekly at their local community development association, are role-playing with their club leader what to say if their parents encourage them to drop out of school.

While school is compulsory up to the age of 14, almost a fifth of children drop out before completing basic education. Street harassment is a major factor.

So anxious are parents to avoid the shame of having a daughter who was harassed, that sometimes just being seen with a boy is enough to prompt them to keep her at home.

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How Girls are Tackling Harassment in Cairo

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