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Saturday 12th December 2020 marks 5 years since the Paris Agreement was adopted.

Despite research highlighting the links between girls’ education and country-level resilience, no national climate strategy currently recognises girls’ education as a response to the crisis. At the Global Climate Ambition Summit world leaders need to present ambitious climate strategies to urgently curb emissions to keep global temperatures below 1.5°C and scale up climate financing and investment in women and girls’ rights.

We will be watching to see how new commitments and statements around financing and adaptation are directed to support climate and gender justice, particularly for girls around the world bearing the brunt of the crisis.

Education has the power to eliminate barriers for girls in development and implementation of climate strategies.

Girls around the world are raising their voices and calling for change. In Bangladesh and Ethiopia girls are demanding equal access to quality education and information, especially on climate change, as well as greater participation in climate decision-making . An inclusive gender-responsive education is fundamental for driving progress towards climate and gender justice with the power to shift the way we think about others and the world around us. It should include basic knowledge of climate science and an emphasis on building skills and changing attitudes that will drive sustainable and pro-environmental behaviours.

At its most transformative, education equips girls and young women with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle the climate crisis while helping dismantle harmful stereotypes about women and men and their role in decision making spaces. It therefore has the power to eliminate the key barrier girls’ face in meaningfully engaging in the development and implementation of national climate strategies.

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Inclusive Quality Education: The Key to Climate and Gender Justice

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