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At the first World Health Assembly in 1948, those gathered proposed setting forth a specific date each year to focus worldwide attention on a topic of paramount importance to global health. They chose April 7th. Little could the delegates at that first Geneva gathering have possibly imagined that when we marked World Health Day 73 years later in 2021, we’d be reeling from, recovering from, or bracing for a fourth wave of a global pandemic, depending on where you live.

Yesterday’s World Health Day focused on “building a fairer, healthier world” and here at The InfluencHER Project, we believe meeting that goal starts by focusing on and listening to women. In every country and nearly every setting, they are the formal and informal health care system’s front line, and they are the primary caregivers at home.

As has been widely studied and documented, they are also hardest hit – and disproportionately hit – when our health systems unravel, or are unequal to the enormity of challenge that something like a pandemic presents. This week’s reads and listen take us to several continents for different takes on prevention, inequality, and life on the front lines. Enjoy, and may we work toward greater fairness and better health by World Health Day 2022.

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