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I’m Pat Mitchell, one of the editorial advisors for The InfluencHER Project, and the guest editor of this week’s InfluencHER newsletter. I come to this initiative as an author, media executive, former journalist, and longtime advocate for gender equality. Most importantly, though, I come to The InfluencHER Project as someone who gathers so much inspiration and motivation from the words, voices, and perspectives of other women.

In reflecting on this critical moment in our country, a time of deep listening and important learning, I have been revisiting some of the talks that stand out from my time as editorial director for TEDWomen. I have been privileged to curate and host TEDWomen for nine years, and during that time, women from many different countries, professions, and lived experiences have generously shared their ideas.

Through my website and in this newsletter in the link below, I wanted to share with you just a few of those talks from TEDWomen conferences that have informed my thinking and that live in my heart. For me, these talks illuminate the tragic consequences of systemic and pervasive racism, and while these talks were given before the more recent senseless killings of black women and men and the righteous rage and uprisings of the Black Lives Matter Movement, they are powerful reminders of the ways that racial inequality manifests and devastates.

Of course, ending white privilege and white supremacy will take more than compelling talks, but listening, learning, and taking up our individual responsibilities for the urgent and necessary actions we each need to take is a start.

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InfluencHER: Deep Listening and Important Learning

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