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At the Kering Foundation our ambition is to share our experience, share our network, and mobilize a broader group of companies to join us in combatting gender-based violence. That is why we have stepped us a leader of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence to drive concrete commitments for gender equality.

There are a number of changes that need to be implemented to help end gender-based violence, the most urgent of which are highlighted through the four main actions that we have designed together in our Action Coalition. These actions consider the need to have more states ratifying international and regional conventions, as well as more actors in the public and private sector adopting action plans to end gender-based violence. We also prioritise implementing and financing evidence-driven prevention strategies, particularly those that work with the younger generation to put an end to intergenerational cycles of violence and engage men and boys in the conversation.

Transforming funding is another priority that we highlight. While everyone agrees that women’s rights organizations need to receive better funding, when you have a look at where the money goes, women and girl-lead organizations are receiving just 7% of the global philanthropic funding. That’s why we are focusing on increasing the amount of quality, flexible funding from states, private sector and other donors to girl-led and women’s organizations, as well as the broader need to scale-up and improve financing of coordinated survivor centred services.

The regular and inclusive conversations we have among the leaders of our Action Coalition are about breaking silos, listening to each other’s views and taking a long-term perspective. From these discussions it has become clear that the organizations combating violence against women are all facing the same challenges, including backlash and a lack of funding and capacity. This recognition has led us to some very concrete ambitions. We have defined clear objectives, targets, and indicators and will define commitments to tackle critical barriers. I am confident that we will bring about effective and transformative change, using an intersectional lens, for women and girls in all their diversity.

The resilience and strength of women survivors constantly amazes me, and personally motivates me to continue driving for change. I keep on doing this work because I think that supporting these women moves us in the right direction and because I want to see a future where there are no more women that have to be survivors of violence. We have a great leadership group for each Action Coalition working to realize this future, and now is the time for new commitment makers, especially more companies, to join the initiative and help make change happen.

Make your organizational commitment to gender equality by June 18, and read more about the Action Coalitions.

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