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Men predominate in more than 85% of COVID-19 decision-making and key advisory bodies around the globe, with gender parity in just 3.5%, reveals an analysis of the available data, published in the online journal BMJ Global Health.

This has become a “disturbingly accepted pattern of global health governance” that undermines the effectiveness of the pandemic response and ultimately costs lives, warn the authors.

There have been numerous global and national commitments to move towards gender-inclusive global health governance. But COVID-19 took the world by surprise, prompting many advisory groups and expert panels to be set up very quickly.

To find out just how gender inclusive and representative these bodies are, the authors collected information up to June 2020 on the membership of COVID-19 global and national decision-making and expert bodies for 193 UN Member States.

They did this through crowdsourcing, targeted searches of ‘grey literature’, such as unpublished research and policy statements, and outreach to national governments or World Health Organization (WHO) country offices.

Click the link below to access full article:

Men Predominate in 85%+ COVID-19 Decision-making/Advisory Bodies Globally

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