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When the world went virtual in March 2020, the Women’s Foreign Policy Group looked for new ways to amplify the voices of women in foreign policy and to highlight their work. With this in mind, the WFPG launched a weekly What We’re Watching newsletter to share foreign policy focused discussions, podcasts and articles featuring women speakers and authors with its network and the wider foreign policy community. As a WFPG intern, I was able to contribute to this publication and to this incredibly important mission.

Searching for and curating these events and articles gave me an opportunity to see the amazing women working in the field of international relations–many of whom I may not have heard of or read about otherwise. By looking through each newsletter, one can also see which organizations and think tanks make gender parity a priority, and which do not. More importantly, however, curating information for the newsletter also gave me insight into the spaces in which women’s voices were not very well represented. The discrepancies in gender representation, most especially in the podcast realm, were disturbingly clear and I was surprised at how difficult it was to find content by women on certain issues.

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#NoMoreManels: Women’s Voices Need to be Heard

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