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The January 6th storming of the Capitol was the horrific expression of a political movement grounded in misogyny and white supremacy which had been in the making for years, fueled by the misinformation and online violence thriving on social media.

While there are high profile women aligned with the efforts to undermine democracy, let’s be clear, the storming of the Capitol was led by an angry mob of white, mostly male Trump supporters, waging war against democratic institutions, trashing Congresswomen’s offices to symbolically restore “a retrograde world in which men, especially white men, hold all the power”. The crowd that descended on the Capitol
was a byproduct of an online world increasingly dominated by the “Manosphere”, a global conglomerate of web-based misogynist movements, that have in recent years grown and gathered political strength.

This isn’t an American problem only, but a worldwide phenomenon, and one that is increasingly coming at odds with American foreign policy and international aid efforts to promote democratic institutions and women’s rights abroad.

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