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Through the many conversations we had with girls in the different cities, we came to understand that they rarely feel safe in their cities. In 2030, there will be more than 700 million girls living in cities. The growing number of girls living in urban areas opens up opportunities in their lives, as they are more likely to be educated, less likely to be married at an early age and more likely to participate in local politics. On the other hand, they are more likely to face sexual harassment, exploitation, and insecurity: for example, in Kampala, 45% of adolescent girls reported sexual harassment when using public transport and in Delhi, 96% of adolescent girls do not feel safe in the city.

“Safer Cities” Strives to:

Increase adolescent girls’ safety and access to public spaces. The programme ensures that policies and laws are more receptive to and inclusive of adolescent girls’ safety, increases the capacity of government stakeholders to promote girls’ safety in the cities through training, mobilises support and action amongst families and communities, and increases girls’ understanding of their rights to safety in the city by building their capacity through training workshops and establishing girls’ clubs and safe spaces.

Increase adolescent girls’ active and meaningful participation in urban development and governance. The programme enhances the participation of girls in local governance and increases the capacity of girls to take a leadership role in their communities around safety issues. It also increases the participation of families and communities in girl-led initiatives and ensures that forums are in place to facilitate girls’ participation in urban development.

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Safe Spaces for Youth: How Girls Transform Their Cities

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