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The InfluencHER Project is an editorial program and global community to empower and amplify female voices. CWL commits to amplifying the voices of our members through sharing the InfluencHER Project Newsletter. Christine Heenan, CWL Member and InfluencHER Founder, is the author of this introduction.

Our hope had been to launch this first InfluencHER newsletter with a bit of fanfare, but this is a hard time to feel at all celebratory in the United States, where I write this.

The protests here and elsewhere serve as a powerful reminder of how important it is to hear and elevate the voices of those disenfranchised, discriminated against, and targeted for acts of violence. Throughout the world, those are too often the circumstances endured by millions and millions of women. It has also been a time in which the unique way women lead, communicate, and LISTEN is standing out for its effectiveness, whether in managing a country through COVID or a city through protests.

Our aim at InfluencHER is to boost women’s voices and give them lift to reach higher and farther. Your own willingness to review and share the content in these newsletters, on our website, and on our social feeds will be what enables us to succeed.

Your own willingness to review and share the content...will be what enables us to succeed.

As a member of this community, you will regularly receive content authored by women that, starting with our next newsletter, will be vetted by our editorial advisors. All forms of content – op-eds, videos, podcasts, essays, and beyond – will be featured, advancing new ideas, pushing our thinking, and we hope contributing to advancing gender equality. Starting with the examples included below, which were curated directly by The InfluencHER Project team, we will continue to share some of the most interesting and provocative pieces created by both emerging and established female voices from across the globe.

Our ask in return is simple:
1. Share our pieces to your own networks and on your social media platforms
2. Follow and tag us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn @InfluencHERproj
3. Ask your friends and followers to join the community

Together, we can serve as a powerful megaphone for women’s ideas, voices, and expertise. We need that megaphone desperately, so thank you for joining our community.

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Welcome to The InfluencHER Project Community

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