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We believe stories are our bridges and connecting women to each other to share their stories, their learnings, ideas and insights creates a collective force for problem solving and positive change.

Connected Women Leaders (CWL) is a cohort curated across geographies, generations, expertise and experience to convene forums on some of the world’s most urgent threats: climate justice, food security, global health, economic inequities, and with a gender and racial lens, working together to shape just, equitable and sustainable solutions.

CWL’s new content hub will offer access to the content created by CWL forums as well as the work of a wider collective of other organizations and initiatives committed to gender equality and to strengthening women’s leadership across all sectors of work and life. Here, we can connect strategies, collaborate for scale and impact, and inspire others to join the journey towards Generation Equality.

CWL and this new website is envisioned as a place where emerging leaders can connect and learn, and where a global community of women leaders of all ages can come together around a shared purpose: to identify and implement the commitments necessary for Generation Equality to be the reality of all women, everywhere.

The systemic problems Connected Women Leaders wants to tackle are not new; the difference is that we are leveraging the lived experiences and expertise of women leaders from many different disciplines and backgrounds to collectively shape new ideas, innovations and actions.

Our Resource Hub is a progress marketplace, a portal dedicated to the collaboration of resources designed toward producing intersectional advocacy efforts. With this tool, we aim to activate a network of networks represented in the CWL cohort and our other like-minded organizations and allies.

CWL is one branch of a larger ecosystem committed to the goals and actions delineated by the UN Women’s Generation Equality Forum. Working in tandem with other impactful organizations and coalitions, we hope to better inform our collective advocacy with shared content, original research and the exchange of ideas and strategies.

Connected Women Leaders was created to accelerate and activate that process – to be the bridge between change-makers and the changes we want to see and be in the world.

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Meaningful transformation can only be created when we work together. There’s room for everyone within CWL’s charge for change – as both members and allies to our mission. Find out how you fit within Connected Women Leaders’ goals.

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